Viladrau - Espinelves

  • Itineraris i rutes. Esglesia de Sant Vicenç. Viladrau-Espinelves.
  • Itineraris i rutes. Viladrau-Espinelves.
  • Itineraris i rutes. Arboretum Masjoan. Viladrau-Espinelves.

Route forming part of the Guilleries - Montseny network, which joins the villages in the "Les Guilleries"

inter-municipal association (Viladrau, Espinelves, Sant Hilari Sacalm and Osor).

An easy and pleasant stroll that leaves Montseny for the byways of Les Guilleries.

Espinelves, along with Viladrau, is a municipality in the district of Osona, but which belongs to the Girona region. A small village of alleyways and little plazas, presided over by the romantic church of Sant Vicenç d'Espinelves and its elegant bell tower. It is worth having a closer look at the unique altar front (an exact replica of the original that is kept at the Vic Episcopal Museum).

Visitors to Espinelves should also take advantage of the opportunity to stroll through the Masjoan arboretum, where examples of a good number of monumental trees can be found.

Fira de l'Avet is the main fair in the region.

Walk start: next to the Viladrau cemetery (5 minutes from Plaza Mayor square)

Walk length: 4h (return)