Pietat Chapel

  • Viladrau, Capella de La Pietat
  • Viladrau, Capella de La Pietat

Commonly known as La Pietat, this chapel located in the historical centre was constructed at a time when the village was expanding, and gave its name to the La Pietat neighbourhood.

Documented in the year 1603.

The entrance to the chapel is formed by a spacious and elegant porch.  Inside, presided over by Mare de Déu dels Dolors, the chapel safeguards the images of the saints that have the most links to the parish. Mention should be made of the image of Sant Domènech Savio, the youngest non-martyred saint in the Catholic Church, dressed in a jacket and bow-tie.

The land adjoining the chapel has been used as the village cemetery since the year 1899. The enclosed area was later used by passing flocks of sheep. The area of gardens is currently used as a pleasant children's play area.

Listed in the inventory of Catalan Architectural Heritage

Style/age: Popular work, late Gothic. 17th Century


Latitude: 41º50'48"
Longitude: 2º23'30"

E(X): 449503
N(Y): 4632927