Monterey Pine

  • Viladrau, Pi de Monterrey
  • Viladrau, Pi de Monterrey

A robust tree of a surprising size Also known as the Insignis Pine.

The origins of this tree can be put down to seeds transported by birds from plantations of quick-growing trees used for logging, which was an industry that started up towards the end of the 19th century in Montseny. Alternatively, the seeds may have been transported form the gardens of the first residential towers, where wealthy people from Barcelona introduced exotic species that were in fashion at the time.

Its large canopy gives shade to the Font del Castanyer at midday.

Distance: 15 minutes from Plaza Mayor square

Scientific name: Pinus radiata
Height: 29 m
Perimeter: 4.16 m to 1.00 m
Canopy diameter: 17 m
Approximate age: 100 years
Origin: United States California

Latitude: 41º50'54"
Longitude: 2º23'01"

E(X): 448835
N(Y): 4633113