Arbre Nen

  • Viladrau, Arbre Nen

A singular tree discovered relatively few years ago. It was given its name for the first time in the year 1999, when it featured on the front cover of the book for the centenary of the Tree Festival.

Standing at a crossroads, in the middle of a landscape full of oak trees, and facing in the direction of La Sala (the birthplace of Serrallonga), the tree adopts the sensational shape of a baby's head.

Despite the damage caused by a lightening strike, its vitality means that its vegetation is in a good condition.

Distance: 60 minutes from Plaza Mayor square

Scientific name: Quercus humilis (Q. pubescens)
Height: 16.10 m
Perimeter: 5.25 m to 1.00 m
Canopy diameter: 15.20 m
Approximate age: 150 years
Origin: Native


Latitude: 41º50'33"
Longitude: 2º21'54"

E(X): 447275
N(Y): 4632478