• Viladrau Educació
  • Viladrau Educació

Des Colonies House of 1960. The 1985 is a Des Environmental Education Center, during the school year and as a lodge / hostel campus and mountain sports, hiking and mountain biking in summer.
Stays are scheduled and conducted field trips for students and early childhood education des until college.

The educational proposals focus on knowledge of the natural and social, to address environmental and sustainability issues. Members of the teaching staff is multidisciplinary and also conducted lectures and training courses and educational counseling.

Creates and implements educational materials, campaigns and environmental education programs pear companies and public institutions. It also offers guided tours for groups in the Montseny Natural Park holidays.

The center has two floors with garden, is located in the district of Les Farigoles and has nine rooms with a total capacity of 50 beds for the night in half board or full board.

Center SCEA member, Catalan Society of Environmental Education.


Carrer Pare Claret, 9
17406 Viladrau

651 496 586
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